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Sewing Lessons

If you're drawn to working ​wi​th fabrics, experimenting with designs, playing with colors,

and if you enjoy freedom in your process and learning in your unique way, 

Seams Good Studio can offer a fun, open-minded and supportive space for success. 

Lessons for Kids & Adults

All ages and experience are welcome—from absolute beginners to those returning to sewing.

We'll work together to tailor projects that feel meaningful to you, 

building on each new skill as we go.

You will be listened to and guided with skill and cheerfulness.  You are respectfully invited to make this studio a creative place of your own, and to take up as much space as you want.

Lessons for individuals or pairs, custom classes and discounted packages, gift certificates are available.

Covid & Infectious Diseases

Lisa is fully vaccinated, will follow all state guidelines and will wear a mask if needed.

Mask wearing by participants and their families in the studio is optional at this time

with self-screening and self-reporting.


I started quilting when I was 8 with my Girl Scout troop at Lisa’s summer camp. I had so much fun I signed up for more camps and started taking weekly lessons.

I like quilting for many reasons. It is relaxing for me, I can use what I make and I can give great gifts to friends and family. I think I have a talent for choosing colors and patters that go together in exciting ways. [I also like] using a sewing machine…especially when I can go fast. I hope more people get to try quilting and love it just as much as I do. 


age 11

The things that inspire me to sew are that you can do anything that you want with your work, and you can move at any pace you want. I want my art to go to people in need…in poverty, people fighting for our country and to anyone who doesn’t have the objects they need to create art. Over this summer [at camp] I made a quilt that really made me value life, like an inanimate pep-talk. I found that inspiration to be really amazing and I would like to create more like it for people in my future.


age 12

I find inspiration for my sewing in bright, bold colors. I find something usual, then add something to it. I really like to add pockets. Right now, I find overlapping to connect two piece of fabric a challenge. I also find zippers to be a challenge.

A goal I have is to sew clothing for me and others. I would like to see other people wearing my clothing. I have learned everything I know from Lisa. She is really nice and I look forward to every new day of sewing.


age 9


You have been a great teacher to me and others and you have spread your love and kindness to everyone in the room. Thank you for teaching me to sew.


age 8


Are you interested in teaching?

Learn how to guide a group of multi-experienced learners, prepare for lessons, streamline your instruction, adapt to changes, "read the room," and how to hold a space for students to create their own success in their own way.

Ages 12-Adult

Some exceptions for younger applicants, depending on experience.

Please reach out for more info.  Thanks!


Lisa K Alan 


My Grandma Margaret taught me to sew at age 7.  My Grandpa Paul helped cut out her dressmaker designs.  The safe space they provided together to learn and create was foundational for me.  I hope to create a similar space for my students, who inspire me so much! 

In addition to fiber, I've experimented in ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture, dance and music. My mixed media quilts have been exhibited on both US coasts, including Quilts For Arts Sake in Montclair NJ, and The Biennial at Oregon College of Art & Craft.

I hold a masters degree in Humanities, Quilt History, and have been teaching continuously since 1986—as an arts instructor in my studio, in classrooms as a private school ESL teacher, artist-in-residence, college-prep and life-skills coach, language arts & history tutor— with extensive experience working with students in alternative schools and students with disabilities.  

I'm also in the process of unlearning much of the history I've absorbed and passed on through teaching.  These "facts" inherited through the colonizing settler's lens are causing harm and need urgent updating. Currently, I am challenged and learning from Embodying Antiracism, a series offered by Nicole Lee and Laura Halpin of Inclusive Life and  My Grandmother's Hands  by Resmaa Menakem.

I love feeling the pull of ocean tides, tracking the moon, walking labyrinths, petting bumblebees, bantering with hummingbirds, making gifts, smelling damp earth, imagining a moss' world view, getting to the bottom of things, silly cat videos, watching my loved ones shine and sewing my own clothes.

Photo: Beth Lorio


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