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Because each business is unique, we begin with hourly sessions to understand the flow and scope of your needs. 

For on-going clients, a regular monthly package is available.

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2020 Summer Camps cancelled

With great sadness, all summer camps are cancelled.

Given Oregon's current summer camp requirements, we can’t imagine how they could be implemented in the studio environment in such a way as to be fun, creative, spontaneous or productive.  Last year’s summer camps had days of heavy rain most weeks, and if repeated, would require indoor-only instruction, making distancing nearly impossible in the studio layout.

According to the guidelines, soft surfaces (such as fabrics, linings, batting, pillow forms, trims & laces) are to be avoided since they cannot be easily cleaned.  Tracking and then disinfecting every shared tool and supply material (irons & boards, thread & bobbin spools, cutting tools & boards, grommet/snap makers, rulers, boxes of buttons/fasteners/clips/safety pins, etc) multiple times per hour/day and after every participant use also doesn’t seem feasible.

Given the nature of community sewing and the current need for community safety, we feel canceling is the best and only option.  We are so very, very sorry!  We will miss you.

Fun Fridays

Stay tuned for weekly how-to sewing videos beginning June 5

Make Masks to Help our Communities

Here are three kinds and a good resource where to donate them.  

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Seams Good Studio cares very much about you, your family, everyone in our interconnected world.  While our doors are closed for the foreseeable future, plans are in the works to stay connected.

As we all go through this together, may we remember to be kind --

to ourselves, to each other, to our community, to our world.

May we remember that creativity, in whatever form, keeps hope alive and nourishes us through and through.  Thank you, with kindness.

And HUGE gratitude to all the healthcare workers, all the critical care providers, all the food and shipping providers, all those on the front lines --risking their own and their family's health, comfort and safety to provide for others. Thank ​you!

We love you.