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Private lessons are tailored to each student's creative inclinations and learning process. 

Some folks would like help with a specific short-term project. 

Others are beginners or returning to sewing and want to see how far their skills will take them.

Custom Lessons Package

Have three or more interested in sewing? 

Need partial scholarship or to set up something different than what's available above? 

Fill out the form below, describe your desired package and we'll see what's possible.


Email Address*

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What kind of Lesson Package would you like?*

Partial Scholarship

Seams Good Studio supports families in our communities. Click for more info.

Covid & Infectious Diseases

Lisa is fully vaccinated, will follow all state guidelines and will wear a mask if needed.

Mask wearing by participants and their families in the studio is optional at this time

with self-screening and self-reporting.


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