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Seams Good Studio reflects a lifetime career beginning with teaching, then making art, then teaching art, all with caregiving, life coaching and accounting mixed in along the way. 

I found that the energy and focus required to separate the different parts of my work was compromising creative time. The more I learn, the more I see how everything interconnects — a quilt with many patches.

I am inspired by nature, astronomy, geological history, the creative people in my life, and those who came before and flow through all of us. I love thinking about the profound shifts and transformations of my home in Portland, Oregon—the Indigenous homelands of the Clackamas and also the Tualatin Band of Kalapuya—once under oceans full of whales, salmon and sharks, now nestled within the third generation of the Cascade mountain range, with rivers carrying those memories back to the Pacific.

Teaching & Sewing

Teaching inspires me.  It requires detailed preparation with open flexibility, and holding a strong container while getting out of the way.  

Sewing and quilting carry memories. Knowing hearts, working hands, life's scraps made into something beautiful. 

Beauty inspires me.  No​t necessarily pretty or nice, but authentic, made with skill and care. True, even raw beauty may seem uneven, undone, unpredictable—yet anything that expresses honesty and earnest effort gives me hope.

Art Commissions

Celebrating life's milestones with sewn gifts for births, graduations, anniversaries, and special moments brings us closer together.  

​I know what the memory of a loved one and their special possessions can mean to the heart.  Offering tangible ways of remembering and honoring those who have passed has been some of the most meaningful work I've ever done.

Quilts also ​express the truth of what's closest to our hearts and our convictions, 

and can be maps of our journey.

Mutual Aid

The power of people coming together to give and receive comfort and support inspires me more than I can say.  

-Lisa K Alan


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