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Highlights & Reflections

Artist Highlight - Elsa H

Spring 2020

Meet Elsa H!

Elsa has been coming to the studio for almost four years and brings many talents to her sewing skills.  

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work, Elsa.  

You're a bright artist in a bright new decade!

Fabulous cape!

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

I enjoy art, music and fashion.  I really like wearing costumes and making collages.  Photography is another passion ​of mine.

First pillows, with beloved dog Charlie.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

For sewing, I usually make something creative and useful.  I love sewing because I have the best teacher :)

When I watch a movie I enjoy or read a book I love, it usually gives me ideas. For example, if there's a scene in a movie, I might get inspiration and paint something like it.  

After that, I might get another idea that may lead to another, and so on and so forth.

World Quilt with Charlie.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

First apron.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

Full-size apron plus scrunchies.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

Also, when I make something or sew something, I might think to myself, "What do I need?" 

and I will think of a lot!  

What challenges me the most is I sometimes judge my work like it has to be perfect 

and I get really frustrated when I mess up.

Zip-pocket shoulder bag, designed by Elsa.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

Sewing on the borders on Elsa's 

Log-Cabin Quilt.

Attaching the binding and trimming threads.  Finished!

A beautiful gift for her mom!

Elsa's sewing skills in action!

I would like to be a graphic designer someday and design things and take photos of things.

I might also want to paint something and have it shown in an art gallery or something. 

Maybe even someday, have a fashion line.

Silk, cotton and eyelet skirt.  Elsa's design.

          Cozy patchwork quilt.

Photo: Elsa's mom, Sia

I also love giving people makeovers and dressing people up.  

I might be a make-up artist or set designer (for film.)  I am interested in all of the film jobs.

I'd say there are a lot of ways my art could be shown in the world.



March 16, 2019

Early this morning the memory filled my heart, caught my inhale before my thoughts caught up. A moment immersed in the turbulence of that night -- fear and struggle, clarity and calm. Then vast silence.

It's been five years since my brother-in-law Shawn passed away from a long fight with cancer. He was too young, he meant everything to my sister and he had a son, who, as a young adult, was just beginning to make his way in the world. We helped ease the way for Shawn that night, and then we were left remembering.

Shawn lived authentically. He communicated directly, with a clear strength people could trust, even if they didn't always agree. His huge heart embraced and sheltered those he loved. He also loved softball and played for decades on teams and in tournaments. He was a natural leader and had a vision to help kids find their own confidence and strength in sports that were accessible to everyone.

I understand his vision very well and it touches my heart.

We have Shawn's softball t-shirts. It is now time to make quilts from those shirts -- to honor Shawn and his legacy, and to give to my sister, Shawn's son, and now Shawn's grandchild a tangible memory of this extraordinary man.


Tying & Untying

March 12, 2019

Just before spring I have the image of tying up last year's details -- the transactions, receipts, greeting cards, manuals, agreements and statements that tell the story of another year of living and working, offering and receiving, holding and claiming, releasing and letting go.

Facing the truth revealed by a tax return, by a closet filled with clothes that no longer fit or serve, or a box finally opened that held locked memories and stored emotions can feel daunting.

Courage allows us to look at those parts of our lives that hold us too tightly, the knots that offer few choices and can seem impossible to untie. Having patience to sit with the knots, using tools to assist, taking on small areas at a time -- are all ways I've found to get free of old constricting energy, to empty junk drawers, tackle dark basement corners, change unhealthy relationships,

 transform self doubt.

Seeing just a few freed strands inspires me and offers possibilities. How do I want this closet, this spreadsheet, these tools and supplies to be arranged? 

 How can I celebrate what went well and the many gifts freely given to me?

What do I now choose to tie together, to create, 

to hold dear? 

Response from Kim

March 29, 2019

The visual of untying knots really helped me. When things are tangled or knotted, (be it your hair all the way to your finances) it is frustrating, sometimes ugly, and just doesn’t work—all which adds to draining your daily energy.

Thank you Lisa for reminding us that small projects can have a big impact and that cleaning out a kitchen drawer is and can be a wonderful step to cleaning out that entire garage ;-). Both have their purpose and both take courage.

Lisa, your supportive thoughts are very encouraging and very appreciated!


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