Seams Good Studio - Quilting  Sewing  Learning
All colors are arbitrary. 
--Carl Sagan

I liked that you got to sew with any fabric you wanted.

I can't believe that I made two pillows and it was my first time using the sewing machine.

I liked that when we messed up like when having to rip out something, Lisa made it fun.

I really really like our first design.  It was cool!  I thought sashing was cool too.

I learned how to fix a sewing machine.

Lisa is just so positive and nice--I feel good about making mistakes.

I liked that we got to work by ourselves, and we got access to all the fabric.

9th Grade DART Student
(Day & Residential Treatment Schools, confidentiality requires anonymity)
I admire your passion for art.  Thank you for providing the supplies for us to each make something beautiful.  It was fun and it took my mind off things and that was nice.

11th Grade DART Student
I noticed that your really patient and non-judgmental and I liked that about you.  At first I was worried about how my pillow was going to turn out but with your help and patience it turned out great!  I LOVE IT.

10th Grade DART Student
Quilting is now a coping skill for me.  I plan on doing more art when I want to feel calm or when I feel like relaxing.  Quilting just makes me feel like being kind.

11th Grade DART Student
I am proud of myself because I feel like I did a good job.  I liked how it turned out even though at the beginning I was feeling insecure.  I trusted myself.

Amy, Parent
My daughter carries her bag to school with her every day!

Martha, Parent
We spent the weekend sewing a sweater for our dog from sweater pieces and scraps. She did a great job and I saw her skills she learned from you at work.