Seams Good Studio - Quilting  Sewing  Learning

Thank you very much for everything. 
I have no complaints whatsoever.
--Wavy Gravy


Thanks and appreciations to:
family--the quiltmakers, piemakers, cabinetmakers, teachers, learners, crafters, spontaneous dancers, tall-tale tellers, belly-laughers, ball-players, gamers, musicians, writers, counselors, gardeners, make-doers, healers, builders, investors, farmers, inventors, seekers, world explorers

friends--the oldest, the newest, the women, the artists, thinkers, problem-solvers  & creatives, those who have remained through the many transformations

colleagues--who clear the path, share the load, keep the fires burning

teachers & healers--who hold the container then open the world
nature--which holds us all