Seams Good Studio - Quilting  Sewing  Learning


Art cultivates wonder and generates hope.  
I find it very compassionate and humanitarian in nature. 
-- Milan Rai

For those who have a strong attraction to fabrics, designs, colors and joy--
I have over 30 years of teaching experience, working with people of varying abilities, from many walks of life.  If you're drawn to quilting and sewing, and enjoy a bit of freedom in your process, I can offer a fun, open-minded and supportive space for success.

Quilt & Sewing Classes for Kids

2018 Fall Schedule
Individual Lessons
Mon-Fri after school - 2:00pm-6:00pm
Saturdays - 8:00am-1:00pm
  • all ages & experience welcome
  • $35/hour
  • $60 per hour for two students
  • $125 for prepaid packages of 4 lessons per student
  • $240 for prepaid packages of 8 lessons per student
  • near NE Halsey & 50th Ave, Portland, Oregon

Fall Day Camps
Mon  Oct 29
Mon  Nov 12
Mon  Nov 19
Tue   Nov 20
Wed  Nov 21
Half day - $50    9am-12pm
Full day -  $95    9am-3pm
  • custom packages available for 2 or more Day Camps
  • all ages & experience welcome
  • near NE Halsey & 50th Ave, Portland, Oregon

Winter Break Camp
Week:  Dec 17-21
Half day -  $205  9am-12pm
Full day -   $415  9am-3pm
  • all ages & experience welcome
  • near NE Halsey & 50th Ave, Portland, Oregon


Quilt & Sewing Classes for Adults

2018 Fall Schedule
Individual Lessons
Weekday evenings after 6:00pm
  • $35 per hour, materials included for small projects
  • $60 per hour for two students
  • packages available at discounted rates
  • all experience welcome

Group Lessons
Want to start your own sewing circle or quilt club?
  • all experience welcome
  • $60 per hour consulting, includes a basic kit to get started

About the Instructor
Lisa learned to sew at age eight and was taught by her grandmother.  
In addition to fiber, she has experimented in ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture, dance and music.  
Her mixed media quilts have been exhibited on both US coasts, including Quilts For Arts Sake in Montclair NJ, and The Biennial at Oregon College of Art & Craft.
She holds a masters degree in Humanities -- Quilt History, and has been teaching in classrooms continuously since 1986—as a teacher assistant, private school ESL teacher, artist-in-residence, college-prep and life-skills coach, language arts & history tutor— with extensive experience working with teens in alternative schools and students with disabilities.

Lisa also facilitates support groups for artists, holds workshops for creatives of all sorts, loves swimming in the ocean, attempting meditation, walking labyrinths, petting bumblebees, stitching surprises and dancing for no reason.